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A little message from your sponsors….

You might recall we’re dead against ads here in teamstuff land. In fact, we have a pretty simple policy ; we don’t use apps with ads; and we don’t expect you to. So hopefully that bit is clear ; ads are annoying. Evil and Bad.

But sponsors, your sponsors – from your club?  The local butcher/cafe/mechanic ? Well it turns out that they are a pretty important part of your local community ; and hence a pretty important support for nearly any community sports club. Like the ones we are all a member of.   They’re not evil, or bad or annoying. They help us maintain our kit, upgrade the oval – pay for the umpires. We like them – because you like them.

And so we’ve added support in teamstuffland for clubs. The idea is pretty simple – we’re adding new ways for clubs to promote your existing sponsors. New ways to promote sponsors might mean more dollars for your own club – and that means more stuff for you and your kids. And this makes us happy. And in case you’re wondering – we get nothing from it. Zip. Nada. $0. Your club uses it anyway they can – and again – this makes us happy.

At the moment you might see your club sponsors appearing on your club’s Game and Scores page ; in the very near future you might see them on your game reminders. And you might see them in team or club emails too. Either way – you’ll only see them in relation to games and teams that are part of your club, and it’s all controlled by your club – for the benefit ultimately – of you.


January brings….more team stuff

Phew – the holiday season is finally over. And yes, there are beaches and BBQs and far too much sun in this part of the world. So it was nice to get back into TeamstuffHQ to get cracking on some nice new features – as requested by you! And please don’t be shy – if you’ve got ideas, let us know – because we actually do listen, and we actually do make the features you demand!

Cracking Feature 1 – Create From Spreadsheet/List of Players

We’ve been wanting this feature since Day One; the ability to use a spreadsheet or a list of players to create the team. In fact, we’ve always wanted you to create even large teams in under 60 seconds. But just how do you go about making this easy for coaches and managers? And not just easy, oh no – we wanted easiest! So after months of meticulous procrastination  brainstorming we finally worked out it. Basically – if you have a list of emails addresses for your team – in a spreadsheet, in an email list, in a document – wherever; then you can cut and paste that directly to Teamstuff – we do some computery ( that’s a word, I’ll have you know ) magic and you have a team. Try it – we think you’ll LOVE it.

Cracking Feature 2 – Player Profile Photos

Nice and simple feature – players can upload a photo of themselves, and team mates will see that photo next to the name. This is an excellent feature for big teams ( see Cracking Feature 1 ) – I’ve been to more than one game where I have no idea who number 17 is. And I may have been the coach….(cough). Player photos make that a little easier!

Cracking Feature 3 –  Player Positions

Players can now add their positions to their profiles for each team – so they might be a guard in basketball, and a wing in football, and a goalie in their hockey team. No problems – we’ve now got that covered!

Cracking Feature 4 – Team Logo

If you have a team logo – upload and you’ll see that against your team listings. Makes it much easier when you’ve got plenty of teams in play.

Hope you enjoy the new features!