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A little message from your sponsors….

You might recall we’re dead against ads here in teamstuff land. In fact, we have a pretty simple policy ; we don’t use apps with ads; and we don’t expect you to. So hopefully that bit is clear ; ads are annoying. Evil and Bad.

But sponsors, your sponsors – from your club?  The local butcher/cafe/mechanic ? Well it turns out that they are a pretty important part of your local community ; and hence a pretty important support for nearly any community sports club. Like the ones we are all a member of.   They’re not evil, or bad or annoying. They help us maintain our kit, upgrade the oval – pay for the umpires. We like them – because you like them.

And so we’ve added support in teamstuffland for clubs. The idea is pretty simple – we’re adding new ways for clubs to promote your existing sponsors. New ways to promote sponsors might mean more dollars for your own club – and that means more stuff for you and your kids. And this makes us happy. And in case you’re wondering – we get nothing from it. Zip. Nada. $0. Your club uses it anyway they can – and again – this makes us happy.

At the moment you might see your club sponsors appearing on your club’s Game and Scores page ; in the very near future you might see them on your game reminders. And you might see them in team or club emails too. Either way – you’ll only see them in relation to games and teams that are part of your club, and it’s all controlled by your club – for the benefit ultimately – of you.