It’s our duty to tell you….about Duties!

We’ve just released a new and exciting feature for all our teamstuff users; Duties. “Woo too!” I hear you say ; because as it turns out duties are the boring stuff that we all have to do from time to time. Like bringing the oranges, or the drinks – or doing the score sheet, or being the ‘umpire escort’. So yeah, you’re right – duties isn’t super exciting. But it is one of the necessary components of the sport you love – and now we’re supporting it just the way you need.

On the web – managers and coaches can now add as many different duties as you need, and assign the players or their parents  to those duties. Duties come under the details of an individual game of course – so look for the ‘person with clipboard’ icon ( the one on the right as below )


And of course you’ll need that information when you’re out and about; so it’s all available mobile too. Enjoy!


2 weeks old already….

Thanks to all the early adopters out there – and thanks for all the feedback. One of the joys of this type of software is that you get lots of very clear indicators about what works and what doesn’t work. Which is nice – us software nerds spend a lot of time navel gazing and guessing what will work – so it’s truly refreshing to find out what the real world thinks. Thanks real world!

So we’re hearing lots of positive things about helping parents organise their weekends ( it’s already working for mine! ), and how the ability to have multiple kids in the one tool is life changing. No really.

Some random comments;

  • We’ve attended at least one game where the ability to check the fixture whilst mobile was very, very important [ 15 minutes before game, there’s no-one there. No refs. No players. Even the basketball rings were missing! ].
  • Love the look and feel
  • The countdown alerts for the games are really helpful
  • Where has this been all my life?
  • But seriously – how is it free? Where’s the catch?

We’re also seeing some interesting patterns in terms of changes and suggestions;

  • Love to have multiple email addresses per user ( so whilst Mum might be the main user, both Mum and Dad get the emails )
  • Duties would be handy
  • Love to see payments management too

So thanks again to everyone who’s jumping onboard; and keep up the awesome feedback ( good or bad! ). New features coming out all the time…look for duties in a team very near you!

Did you know?

In the mobile apps ( iOS or Droid ) – you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to access the main choice of information ( alerts, schedule, team or profile ). Give it a crack next time you’re in the app!

Hello World.

Hello World – Teamstuff here.

My name’s Coach, and welcome to ; what is hopefully a bloody great platform for managing team sports. brings together three of the great and enduring joys of my life – sport, programming and family (possibly not in that order! ). I’ve been playing competitive sport since the early 80’s; I’ve been programming since the mid 80’s (  on an Apple IIe if you must know ) , and I’m now a father of four kids that play competitive sport. Stick all that in a bowl and mix it ; you get

Since you’re reading this, I reckon you know the drill. It’s Friday night, and already you’re wondering just what the weekend might hold. For me – it’s two Friday night basketball games for my kids ( I’m coach of one two of those teams – you know – the kids I love the most 🙂 ). One Saturday basketball game – coach once more. On Sunday I rock up to two football matches – aussie rules since you’re wondering. Oh – and I’ve only got three of my four playing sport so far. My weekends are only going to get busier!

“Where/when/what time/who’s in/who’s out/what stuff must I bring” is a constant refrain in my relatively undersized brain over the weekend. I dream in google maps, constantly routing between basketball stadiums and footy ovals. Did I bring the oranges? Or am I boundary umpire? Did we need to think about number 14 on the opposition, or number 41? Who are we playing again?

You know the drill.

If you’re a parent…

…then is going to save you. One place to see your entire weekend – for your whole family. All your kids team schedules, laid out in front of you. The information you need where and when you need it – web, iOS and Android. [1] Easy and simple communications between you and your teams – no more chasing emails. Alerts to tell you where you need to be, and what you need to do.

If you’re a Manager/Coach of a team…

…then is going to save you. You’re a volunteer right ? How much time are you currently spending in email hell? How many players are definitely coming? Do you have enough/too many/ not really sure? Are they the right combination of players – or will you be too tall/too short/just right? has the features you need to concentrate on what you love – the sport and the players. Instant views of how many are coming; instant reminders for those that haven’t responded yet. Easy team setup, easy filtering, support for team communications.

If you’re a player on a team…

…then is going to save you too. Ever turned up late? To the wrong spot? Yep, us too. Not going to happen anymore – gives you the information you need where and when you need it. On your iOS or Android phone. No more annoying e-mails from your coaches and managers ; just one spot they manage for you. And all you have to do is turn up and play. Happy days.

So today is a big day…

What a day to launch – November 6th, 2012. Here in our home city of Melbourne – it’s also Melbourne Cup Day. Big race. Famous race. Old race -150 years. So big; we have a public holiday. Yep – Melbourne is mad about sport, and we’re mad about software and sport. So our launch date really couldn’t be any other date.

Oh and just quietly – we’re here for the long term. Wonder what we’ll look like in 150 years….



[1] . If you’re wondering about Blackberry support. Then stop wondering. And buy yourself an actual smart phone. Sometimes Coach needs to say the thing that’s true. Even if it hurts.