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Families – We Got You Covered

We love kids, we love sport, we love families. But we must admit, even we didn’t quite appreciate just how many different types of families there are.  And I don’t mean ‘good’ families vs ‘bad’ ( lucky we’re all perfect right? ); I just mean the amazing variety of roles and responsibilities within families. Super mums, super dads, super step parents and grand parents and everything in between.

So a little while ago, we put on our super nerd thinking hat ( it’s a thing, go with me – kinda like Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat, but without the magic. Or the castle. Or the…crikey I’m off topic.  ), and decided that no matter how your family worked – we needed to support it. Some families it’s Mum in charge. Sometimes it’s Dad. Sometimes it’s a 50/50 equal split. And sometimes the kids are older, and they want their own space; and are responsible for their own schedule. You know – except for when they forget; and then that was your responsibility. So our super nerd hat told us ; “Teamstuff must support the way each family works, and not make life harder for them.”

And so we did. You always obey talking hats. OK, so in the real world, what on earth does that mean? It means we’re 100% fine with any, and all of the following scenarios;

  1. One parent doing all the heavy lifting. Might just share login details with the other parent, this is the basic model we’ve always had.
  2. Two ‘together’ parents, each with their own login, sharing the same kids. So now, both parents can have full access to the same child ( like in the real world ) – each with their own login, email preferences, access to calendars etc.
  3. Two ‘separated’ parents, each with their own login. They share access to their kids details, but NO access to each others. Some separations are harder than others, we preserve privacy in these ones.
  4. OK, how about a parent sharing access to their kids schedule with their spouse?And a grandparent too? Yep, we can do that; a child schedule can be shared with as many adults as you need to.
  5. What about sharing the schedule with your teenager? Maybe they want their own login, but you want to have access too to their game and training schedule.  Yep – nailed that too. Again , parent + kid get their own login, so they get their own account preferences.
  6. Family Schedule Page. A web based schedule you can share with close families and friends. This doesn’t give full access or a login – just the knowledge of who is playing where and when. Perfect for grandparents!
  7. How about transferring a kid from you to another parent? Yep. Got that handled too – just in case the ‘wrong’ parent gets invited to a team. No dramas.
  8. Team manager invites Mum, but it’s Dad whose account you’re using for teamstuff. No worries – when you receive the invitation, Mum can redirect the invite to Dad. All sorted.

So we think we’ve got all the family configurations covered. It’s totally flexible – and it should work the way your family works. Now before someone asks, a valid family option is not Blackberry. That’s just a technology choice, and it’s not one that many people are still making. Sorry Blackberry users.

OK, how do you do it?

It’s pretty simple – you just share a kid’s profile from teamstuff with your loved ones/grand parents/ via their email address. It is seriously too easy.

So let’s say that I Coach, have a wife and a child. I know, it seems unlikely with my current ramblings about talking hats, but again – in teamstuff land this might look like the following;


So if I want to share ‘Little Coach’ with my wife, then it’s as easy as;

Step 1.


On the web, login and find the profile of the child you want to share. Expand it, then click on the icons on the right ( trying to represent parents ). This is the shared access area – showing you who is sharing this schedule. Remember – it’s child by child – so the above example is showing who has access to my child “Little Coach” ; and it’s just me.

Step 2.

Click on the ‘share’ icon on the left – its circled in red. The one under that is ‘transfer. The transfer option, as it suggests allows you to move a child’s schedule from one adult to another. But in this case we both want the schedule, so it’s the top icon we press – the sharing.

Step 3.

Enter the email account of the person you want to share with. Can be a current teamstuff user or not; no problem. They will get an email to accept the child’s schedule; and we’ll take them through the sign up or login process.

And that’s it. Whether you’re sharing with another parent, grand parent or sharing the schedule to your child themselves – that’s how easy it is. If you know their email, then you can share.

And at the end of it – this is what it looks like.

Coach’s view;

Wife of Coach View;ts_coachwife+child

Note that both I and ‘wife of coach’ have exactly the same access rights to the child’s schedule. We can both accept or decline a game. Or change the child’s name, or team number. We both get emails, and game reminders. And duties.

So with this recent change, we’re pretty sure we have families covered. No matter how you get your family stuff arranged, we’re here for you.

Lastly – next time you’re talking to the extended family about who’s playing where…take a look at the Family Schedule Page in your account settings. This awesome and super handy feature allows you to publish a schedule directly to the web. Up to date all the time ; which child, where and when. Makes the life of supportive grandparents ( and don’t we thank our lucky stars for supportive family ) so much easier.

Lastly – once again – our aim is to remove the admin burden from overworked coaches and team managers. So it’s the parents themselves that set this up, not the coach, not the team manager. Invite people in using one and only one email address; and let your parents do the rest for themselves. I know. Sweet!



Crikey! Teamstuff now the world’s most awarded sports platform!


As coaches and parents we’re frequently saying things like “It’s not all about winning”. And that’s true – but it’s still nice to sneak through for a victory every now and again right?

So that’s what happened to us last week – fantastic night in Sydney at the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards, with Teamstuff outpointing some massive companies here in Australia. For our internal team – great recognition for the hard work you have all put in over the last 18 months. Thanks all.

For our fans and supporters and users – coaches/managers/parents and players – you inspire us everyday with your stories, your commitment to your families and with your feedback, and we could never have got this far without you.


p.s. Yes, in case you were wondering – there’s a lot of tongue in cheek in that title… . 😉

A little message from your sponsors….

You might recall we’re dead against ads here in teamstuff land. In fact, we have a pretty simple policy ; we don’t use apps with ads; and we don’t expect you to. So hopefully that bit is clear ; ads are annoying. Evil and Bad.

But sponsors, your sponsors – from your club?  The local butcher/cafe/mechanic ? Well it turns out that they are a pretty important part of your local community ; and hence a pretty important support for nearly any community sports club. Like the ones we are all a member of.   They’re not evil, or bad or annoying. They help us maintain our kit, upgrade the oval – pay for the umpires. We like them – because you like them.

And so we’ve added support in teamstuffland for clubs. The idea is pretty simple – we’re adding new ways for clubs to promote your existing sponsors. New ways to promote sponsors might mean more dollars for your own club – and that means more stuff for you and your kids. And this makes us happy. And in case you’re wondering – we get nothing from it. Zip. Nada. $0. Your club uses it anyway they can – and again – this makes us happy.

At the moment you might see your club sponsors appearing on your club’s Game and Scores page ; in the very near future you might see them on your game reminders. And you might see them in team or club emails too. Either way – you’ll only see them in relation to games and teams that are part of your club, and it’s all controlled by your club – for the benefit ultimately – of you.


Players, Teams – and now Clubs

It’s been a little while since my last update – no real reason, other than I’m just a little lazy. Cough.

But luckily my teamstuff team isn’t quite as lazy as me, so we’re powering through some changes in teamstuff land. In particular, over the last few month or so we’ve launched a powerful new companion service –

So perhaps now is a good time to mention why. We love listening to real coaches, managers, parents and players – hearing the things they love about teamstuff – even the things they don’t. And in our travels, we’ve talked to quite a few club people – the volunteers that run the sports clubs you are a member of. And to a woman ( no sexism here in teamstuffland! ); they’ve told us in summary ; “Teamstuff is great for my teams, but what does it do for my club? “. And that was a fair question, since it does pretty much zip for  a club. After all teamstuff is directly aimed at the stuff needed for a team.

(insert thinking muzak here)



And eventually we realised we could do something for the clubs. The information and features we have inside teamstuff is really all about communication ; so could we also re-use those communications to help an entire club. And of course, the answer was yes. We’re really keen not to re-invent the wheel ( eg no real desire to re-invent a photo sharing site as an example ), but if we can use the tools and information we have to help a whole club run – then that’s a great idea.

So here’s how we help clubs out;

1. Magic email addresses for the entire club ; we now have a single email address that you send to – and magic happens. Your email goes out to the entire club, using their up to date email addresses – and copies to their additional email addresses too. No more maintenance nightmares keeping distribution lists!

2. Whole of club games fixture and scores. One page on the web, with the ‘public’ details of games to play, where they are and results. This is a great way to keep track of your mate’s teams – are they playing before your game and whereabouts. You never know – you might just stay a little longer to support them.

3. Advertising. This is an interesting one. Here at teamstuff land – we don’t like ads and we have no plans to add ads into teamstuff to pay for the service. But the clubs we’ve spoken too all talk about the pains of fundraising to help them out, not teamstuff, but the club themselves. So we worked through our internal objections. If advertising was controlled by your club, and was seen only by your club members – well we don’t think anyone has an issue with that. No-one minds supporting your local club – and we all know this is one of the ways we should do it. So we’re building in advertising support right now into teamstuff4clubs. Remember, this will be 100% under the control of your club – from which sponsors and where you see the ads – right through to the revenue – we get nothing. Nothing but the warm feeling knowing we’ve helped clubs out – and they in turn help our kids out.

And coming up – we’ll add in instant communications. Maybe even live scores. And then the stuff that real clubs, with real people – tell us they actually need!

In the meantime, there’s some other stuff that’s been going on too;

1. Redesigned the email reminders to be easier to read

2. Watched Andy Murray towel up the competition at Wimbledon.

3. Added the ‘accept by clicking’ in the emails directly.

4. Watched the Australian cricket team get smashed by the English. For American’s reading this ; it’s the equivalent of losing a baseball game to the Russians. A hockey game to the cheeky Canadians.

5. Watched my mighty local footy team dominate nearly everyone. But I ask – is ‘nearly everyone’ good enough? Hmmmm….I don’t think so.

Anyway – there’s enough for today!







2 weeks old already….

Thanks to all the early adopters out there – and thanks for all the feedback. One of the joys of this type of software is that you get lots of very clear indicators about what works and what doesn’t work. Which is nice – us software nerds spend a lot of time navel gazing and guessing what will work – so it’s truly refreshing to find out what the real world thinks. Thanks real world!

So we’re hearing lots of positive things about helping parents organise their weekends ( it’s already working for mine! ), and how the ability to have multiple kids in the one tool is life changing. No really.

Some random comments;

  • We’ve attended at least one game where the ability to check the fixture whilst mobile was very, very important [ 15 minutes before game, there’s no-one there. No refs. No players. Even the basketball rings were missing! ].
  • Love the look and feel
  • The countdown alerts for the games are really helpful
  • Where has this been all my life?
  • But seriously – how is it free? Where’s the catch?

We’re also seeing some interesting patterns in terms of changes and suggestions;

  • Love to have multiple email addresses per user ( so whilst Mum might be the main user, both Mum and Dad get the emails )
  • Duties would be handy
  • Love to see payments management too

So thanks again to everyone who’s jumping onboard; and keep up the awesome feedback ( good or bad! ). New features coming out all the time…look for duties in a team very near you!

Did you know?

In the mobile apps ( iOS or Droid ) – you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to access the main choice of information ( alerts, schedule, team or profile ). Give it a crack next time you’re in the app!

Hello World.

Hello World – Teamstuff here.

My name’s Coach, and welcome to ; what is hopefully a bloody great platform for managing team sports. brings together three of the great and enduring joys of my life – sport, programming and family (possibly not in that order! ). I’ve been playing competitive sport since the early 80’s; I’ve been programming since the mid 80’s (  on an Apple IIe if you must know ) , and I’m now a father of four kids that play competitive sport. Stick all that in a bowl and mix it ; you get

Since you’re reading this, I reckon you know the drill. It’s Friday night, and already you’re wondering just what the weekend might hold. For me – it’s two Friday night basketball games for my kids ( I’m coach of one two of those teams – you know – the kids I love the most 🙂 ). One Saturday basketball game – coach once more. On Sunday I rock up to two football matches – aussie rules since you’re wondering. Oh – and I’ve only got three of my four playing sport so far. My weekends are only going to get busier!

“Where/when/what time/who’s in/who’s out/what stuff must I bring” is a constant refrain in my relatively undersized brain over the weekend. I dream in google maps, constantly routing between basketball stadiums and footy ovals. Did I bring the oranges? Or am I boundary umpire? Did we need to think about number 14 on the opposition, or number 41? Who are we playing again?

You know the drill.

If you’re a parent…

…then is going to save you. One place to see your entire weekend – for your whole family. All your kids team schedules, laid out in front of you. The information you need where and when you need it – web, iOS and Android. [1] Easy and simple communications between you and your teams – no more chasing emails. Alerts to tell you where you need to be, and what you need to do.

If you’re a Manager/Coach of a team…

…then is going to save you. You’re a volunteer right ? How much time are you currently spending in email hell? How many players are definitely coming? Do you have enough/too many/ not really sure? Are they the right combination of players – or will you be too tall/too short/just right? has the features you need to concentrate on what you love – the sport and the players. Instant views of how many are coming; instant reminders for those that haven’t responded yet. Easy team setup, easy filtering, support for team communications.

If you’re a player on a team…

…then is going to save you too. Ever turned up late? To the wrong spot? Yep, us too. Not going to happen anymore – gives you the information you need where and when you need it. On your iOS or Android phone. No more annoying e-mails from your coaches and managers ; just one spot they manage for you. And all you have to do is turn up and play. Happy days.

So today is a big day…

What a day to launch – November 6th, 2012. Here in our home city of Melbourne – it’s also Melbourne Cup Day. Big race. Famous race. Old race -150 years. So big; we have a public holiday. Yep – Melbourne is mad about sport, and we’re mad about software and sport. So our launch date really couldn’t be any other date.

Oh and just quietly – we’re here for the long term. Wonder what we’ll look like in 150 years….



[1] . If you’re wondering about Blackberry support. Then stop wondering. And buy yourself an actual smart phone. Sometimes Coach needs to say the thing that’s true. Even if it hurts.