About Teamstuff.com

We love sport. We love software. We love families. Mix together; then add cloud, javascript and a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears – you get teamstuff.com.

Speaking of teams – we’re a tight team based in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a country famous for its sport –  and this city Melbourne is the home of sport in our sporting mad country. You name it we’ll watch it. We’re the city where sports are born ( Aussie Rules to name one – and Test cricket to name another – the game that takes 5 days and still not get a result ), we’re the city where your allegiance to a club is more important than allegiance to…well anything else….we’re the city that has an official public holiday just so some of us can go to the races. Yep, we’re sporting mad and proud of it. So what better place to make sport and team based software.

And we’re coaches, managers, players and parents. We wanted to make something useful, easy and a pleasure to use. Something that would ‘enable’ teams instead of sucking valuable time away from the reason we are all there – the game.

And so teamstuff.com was born. We hope you get as much enjoyment from using it as we did building it.

The Teamstuff Crew

9 thoughts on “About Teamstuff.com

  1. Julien

    Hey great software so far! I was wondering if it would be possible to get some notification for training, and not only for games! thanks from Canada eh.

  2. Coach Post author

    Great idea. We’ll put this one into the queue. We find that lots of teams have different ways of organising themselves, so we’re thinking of adding some preferences to the team setup – and notifications on training could be exactly one of these.

  3. J T

    I was wondering if you could add Jersey #’s, Jersey Size and Positions tabs to the Player Info portion of your website. I run two adult teams for ice hockey and those tabs would be great, allowing me to see what players and positions are available.

  4. J T

    I think it would be pretty cool if you added a payment tab that could be linked through paypal. Also making a tracking, stats and game score tab. I think these would greatly benefit the users of the site.

  5. Coach Post author

    Hi Laura,

    You can already import the list of players/parents. All we need is an email address – so you can create a team just by copying your last big group email. Schedule’s a bit trickier – so we worked hard to make it super quick to get your schedule in there. And it works. One of our users had over 200 games in their schedule…and managed it. We ‘learn’ some of your stuff as you add it – it gets faster to enter as you go on.

  6. Coach Post author

    Hey there. Jersey number and position are already in there! Add them to the player, under teams ( or the player can update their own ).

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