Teamstuff Closure January 31st 2021

What a year eh? Whilst the world’s been battling COVID, Teamstuff has had its own challenges. We were pretty optimistic there for a little while, but we have finally reached the end game. 

So this might feel like the second time you’ve read this message – because it is, but this one is final. On January 31st, 2021, just over four weeks from now, we’ll be powering down the Teamstuff servers

We hope this gives you time to find alternatives.  

It’s been a fantastic journey for our team to serve yours – we’ve met some super people along the way. Whilst this is a difficult decision in itself, we are very fortunate to have other businesses demanding our time and energy – it’s time to give them total focus in 2021. 

Stay safe, stay well

The Teamstuff Crew