One Thousand Words

Apparently the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ was coined around 100 years ago, and if that’s true – what are they  worth in the age of the selfie? Because it’s never been easier to take photos and see photos – and this is very much true of team and sports photos. In fact these days, at most games I attend, there’s at least one parent with a decent looking big camera + lens setup taking shots of their team and their kids. Which always begs the question – what happens to those photos? Hopefully – the whole team gets them, right?

And so this week we rolled out something we know you’re going to love – Teamstuff Photos. With Teamstuff Photos you get a beautiful, smart, easy and safe platform to share those incredible action shots you’ve got.

Beautiful – ‘course it is! Thumbnails, screen optimised and full glorious ‘as you took them’ downloads. Everything you need to celebrate the team, or the shot. Or the goal – whatever you’ve got.


Photos are super easy to find.

Smart – well you’d expect nothing less from our team right? When you publish your photos to Teamstuff, we’ll let everyone on the team know about it – right into their Activity Feed. And yes, you’ll get the glory! And photos come with team names, can be added to games to make finding them just that little bit easier.

Easy – because we can. We’ll automatically show you the photos you want to see the most ( they’re the most recent ), and you can see new ones uploaded for your team with a single click. And we’ve added ‘google style’ searching to the photos too, so you’ll never lose a photo again. Uploading is a breeze, and there’s no need to let everyone know you’ve published photos – cos we’ll do that for you. Just another way we try hard to reduce the workload on you. ( you’re welcome! )


Publishing photos safely to your team ( and only your team ) has never been easier. Just upload and boom they’ll see your incredible work right in their Activity Feed.

Safe – because it has to be. There’s lots of ways to publish photos, but most people realise that privacy is super, super important. You don’t want the magic shot of the final goal ending up in the wrong place – so making sure that the photos are only seen by your team is our number one priority. Emails don’t do that – plus you can’t publish many photos on email. Dropbox – love it – but that’s usually a public link you’re giving out. There’s got to be a better way – and that’s Teamstuff. We knows who’s in the team – we have that list already, and we publish to your team, and to no-one else. Someone leaves the team – or gets kicked out – they lose access to those photos within Teamstuff.

So next time you take a few photos of the team, or at the game – think Teamstuff Photos. We can’t make taking them any easier, but we sure can make publishing them safely to your team a breeze!


Detailed, full screen view of every photo, one click away.