When does ‘More Work’ equal ‘Less Work’?

From the very start of our journey with Teamstuff, our slogan has been ‘Less Work, More Play’. Because that’s our mission – our goal – our driving force. And so far, it’s served us well – to the point when we’re debating new features – we will prioritise those that deliver less work over pretty much everything else.

And in one of those debates, we were talking about how much work Teamstuff does on your behalf. Auto reminders, calendars, messages, emails to whole clubs or teams. And then it dawned on us – we don’t always make that easy for you to see.

And that’s the moment that a little inspiration hit us – what if we did make that easy to see? What if we showed you all the moments, all the activities that Teamstuff and your team members and your club members were doing – so that you can enjoy the sports of your choice?  Someone changes the time on a game – can we visualise that in a similar way to a reminder to set your attendance? Could we visualise joining a team – or leaving a team – or adding a score in a meaningful way?

So the idea seemed to have merit – but then we’d move from a ‘drought’ of information to a flood. And who wants a flood of information? Well it turns out we all do – if we think about how Twitter, Facebook, Instagram work. What if we simply showed events as they occur, sorted by time? And boom – suddenly Teamstuff can show you everything – Teamstuff can do lots More Work – and it’s Less Work for you.

And so that’s where the latest hero feature for Teamstuff was born – your own personalised Activity Feed. We are pretty confident that this is the place you’ll spend most of your time – because it’s going to contain, or you can easily find – the stuff that’s most important to you – right now.

So for example – when you signup to teamstuff – where might you find some helpful advice – say about different features, or about where to look online for the FAQs? Boom – Activity Feed. What about if your wife has changed the attendance status of your daughter’s football game? Yep – we can show that in your personal activity feed. What if your daughter’s coach has just added the 1/2 time score – or the final score? We can show both in your activity feed. And since it’s time sorted – you’ll see this right at the top of your feed – just after the game – when you’re most likely going to need that information. I know – it’s pretty cool right?

And we’ve done some technical magic under the hood too – so it’s super quick – and super quick to search. We use some ‘google like’ search technologies on the cloud, and it rocks. Try it – you’ll love that search too. Search by team, or person – or activity type – just add the words and hit search.

Enough words…here’s what it looks like….


And it’s not just text – the entries can help you navigate directly to place you need – right now – one click. That’s the arrow on the right. And that’s why we think it’s such a hero feature – it shows you what you’re needing most – and helps you navigate to deeper information.

And one the other beauties of the Activity Feed – is we can keep tweaking it to make it more useful. Let’s take a hypothetical example – say one of the parents has just taken a heap of incredible photos of the last game. And hypothetically  ( remember we don’t have photos in Teamstuff yet – so this is just a random example that I’m talking about that we just by coincidence have beautiful designs for…What’s the chances eh? ) imagine they load those photos up to Teamstuff. The next problem – how would the team members know? Answer – Activity Feed will show them! And so it might look like the following;


Boom! You’ve logged in – and you can see straightaway the fact that Harry has uploaded a set of photos. And you might get a preview – and you might be able to click straight through to the photo gallery. You know – if we were building that feature…cough.

So the answer to the original question – When does ‘More Work’ equal ‘Less Work’? is super clear – when it is Teamstuff doing the extra work of course!

Lastly, there’s at least two hints in this article about the roadmap……big couple of months coming up!