Arrival time.

Do not let it be said that we’ve been gallivanting across the Pacific to a wedding in Hudson, NY ( hi Greg and Katie ) or sunning ourselves on Hawaiian beaches. Because that is simply not true. Only some of us have been doing that. 😉

The rest of the team has been working furiously on a bucket load of ‘most requested’ features. So let’s talk about a couple of them.

Right on Time.

Here’s a question – if the game starts at 10am – what time should you be there?

And the answer is…different for every sport and every game. For my kid’s basketball games, it’s inside, dry, no wind…turn up 5 minutes or 15 minutes before the game – no worries. For my football ( that’s aussie rules / AFL ) – well that’s a different story. Kids have to get changed, put their boots on. Sometimes it is freezing, sometimes it’s wet plus – it’s a warrior sport, so the team needs some extra time to get into the right frame of mind. Get there 30 minutes before the game please.

And so one of the most requested features from a long time ago was adding ‘meet up’ time, or the ‘get there’ time ; we’re calling it Arrival Time in teamstuff.

So that basically means that a game can have two different times – the time the game starts,and the time the coaches want you to turn up.  Like everything in Teamstuff, we’ve made it pretty easy to set. Just like this;


So you set the Arrival Time as an offset ; so if your game changes time, just one less thing to worry about. The Arrival Time would adjust automatically.

And then you, and all your team will see your recommended Arrival Time. It’s right up front, big highlight in orange. Very hard to ignore.


So once again; we’ve had lots of requests, lots of votes for this feature. We’ve been waiting for the right time to deliver it – and the new game and training redesign was the right time for Arrival Time. Phew!

First players to respond are in…

Another often requested feature ; the ability to automatically limit the number of players in a  game. Say you’ve got 7 players in your tennis team, but each week only want 4 to play. You can manually roster 3 off each week ; or you could say ‘the First 4 players to say they can play are in the team’. And so now, Teamstuff can do this automatically for you.

So if you’ve got a team that runs like this; then here’s what you should do. Jump onto and find your team. We consider this a setting that impacts the games – so jump to the game listing under your team, and you’ll see the list of game settings or preferences.


OK great – if you’d like to set it to limit your team to 4, just turn the limit on, and set it to 4 players. It will look like this when you’re finished;


And what happens now…

It’s really simple – when the 4th player says they are coming, then we consider that you have a full team. And so all the other players that haven’t set their attendance are automatically set to ‘Rostered Off’. They can’t then try to get into that game. Of course, as coach / manager ; you always have the rights to override this; but the individual team managers do not.

We do listen.

It’s true. Well, technically we read. Your feedback, your ideas, your comments at Try us out if you’re not sure, but it is truly the best way for us to get better. We have some ideas – our users have ideas – we put them all together and together we improve.

On Another Note

We also had our best signup period ever. A beautiful set of numbers. Since we haven’t changed our marketing ( yet ) , we think this is another little sign post that we’re heading in the right direction. People who use Teamstuff tell other people to use Teamstuff. It’s the only explanation for our phenomenal growth. Another little sign post might be this unsolicited piece of feedback we received today from the UK.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you from the Peterborough Phantoms Junior Ice Hockey Club in England. We’ve been using Teamstuff for three seasons now and wouldn’t have it any other way.

How many times to you get unsolicited and super positive feedback like that?

What’s Next?

Well, we’re preparing ourselves for the very next signup period. This one’s really interesting, because we’ll be taking on some of our major competitors for the first time in a really serious way. No ads, no cost, better user experience, great features.  If we get that right,then we’re going to make the start of next season a rival time for our competitors.

Yes, teamsnap. Yes teamer. We’re looking at you.