The Best Clubs are Powered by Teamstuff

We’ve supported plenty of teams over the last few years. Of course that’s where we started from – hence the name. We wanted the focus of a sports team to be on the playing ( you know – the fun part ) – not the administering – the management of the team. So we made the team manager’s life easier by helping them see who’s coming. We made the player’s life easier through reminders and easy access to where the game is right now. We made parent’s lives easier through a single view of the weekend ( BTW, mine right now is 7 games over Friday to Sunday. Eeeek! ) And we made coach’s lives easier by giving them planning and training tools.

But in 2016 something really interesting is happening – the best clubs, the biggest clubs are moving to the Teamstuff platform. We’ve taken the same focus on saving time at the team level to the club, so a club that’s using Teamstuff gets beautiful well organised teams as well as  a beautiful well organised club. And what’s really really interesting ( for us definitely, and maybe for your club too ) is that it’s the biggest clubs, with the biggest administration issues that are getting on board.

And we think that’s because we’re reducing the load on the club administrators, and our offering is delivering the clubs what they actually need. Which is a really motivating result for us, because we have long believed that the tools we make have to actually work ( solve a problem / save people’s time ) rather than just looking like they’re working. Really, this is the age old ‘function’ vs ‘marketing’ battle, and it seems that actually being useful is beating the ‘but it comes in your team colors’ brigade.

So, some interesting examples;

With over 1,200 players the Ashburton United Soccer Club  in Melbourne, Australia has plenty of logistical challenges. How to communicate with all their players and parents. How to maximise sponsorship dollars, or how to organise the many U10 teams. With the club this big, it’s imperative that it has access to tools that support gllefficient management.  And so the club choose the Teamstuff platform years ago, and remains today one of our biggest clubs.

But it’s not the biggest. Because if size matters, then maybe we should look north – to the largest community football club in Australia. Closing on 2,600 players this year, the Balmain & District Football Club has moved away from a time consuming team app ( that comes in the club colors, but doesn’t really do a lot ) to our platform. And that decision was all about productivity, all about features, all about the problems Teamstuff can solve.

There’s another new addition closer to home, where Glen Eira Football club has a clear vision to be the best run club in Melbourne. And if doubling in size in the last few years is any indication, they seem to be on the right track. Not only are they doubling in size, they’re also pushing us hard to add new capabilities to help clubs grow, organise and support their sport and their family.

And so the cycle continues. The more clubs we have, the more we get pushed to have more capabilities, the more clubs come on board. It’s lucky we love building things, and it’s lucky we’re never satisfied with what we have today.

So our 2016 is shaping up nicely, with the best clubs – the biggest clubs- powered by teamstuff. Shouldn’t yours be too?