2015 – Where did you go?

Is that how you see the year too? It’s such an overused cliche ( is there any other kind? ) but for us here at teamstuff, it’s exactly how it feels. So I’ve been planning this review for about 2 months now, and suddenly I’m buying last minute presents for the kids  writing last minute letters to Santa.

At the start of the year, we wrote a piece detailing our goals for the year. It felt like a big year of change for teamstuff – so that’s a great place to start for reviewing 2015. So taking each area in turn, let’s see how we went.

Mobile Platform – More Change

The aim was to get edit onto the mobile platform in the same way it appears on the web platform. I think we’ve done pretty well on this goal. Teams, games, training sessions all editable on the mobile platform now. The latest release ( as of last week ) has beautiful account settings editable on mobile, so we’ve carried that goal right through. So we’ll give ourselves a B+ on that one.

Text Messaging

Yep, we have that well supported this year. US, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK all have text message support. We use twilio as our text messaging partner, and their tools and integration have been super solid. Rating A.

A More Beautiful User Experience

Made some big strides ahead here. We released a ‘know your team’ killer feature in the middle of the year, and it was the start of a thirst to make the user experience as great as it can be. If you look at the payments and the user experience there, you can see where we are headed. And – we’re redesigning all the older parts of the application and web as we speak. So  this year the web teamstuff.com started looking a bit more like the apps do! I’d give us a B ( on the right track, more to do ).

Files and Photos

Epic fail. Did not get this one started. So let’s just call that an F and oh…look over there at…


Which we did actually achieve! We have a beautiful interface for managing the team based payments – either in cash or direct to bank accounts via stripe. Only been out for a month but the feedback on this has been astounding. As has the tens of thousands of dollars that have already gone through it. We’ll give ourselves an A here, but we might mention that we’re already looking at how we roll this up for clubs for example. Really powerful.


We’ve got lots more languages this year, with steady growth the usage of our languages. Germany – very popular! We think we could have achieved more with those languages – let’s call that one a B.


Not so good here. The bright shiny thing called ‘what cool feature can we build next’ just keeps getting in our way and preventing us from telling people what a great choice we are. Closing in on feature complete with teamsnap – just better and cheaper. Maybe we should tell a few people? We did try a few new things this year, let’s call it a D.

Paid Plans and Revenue

Another epic fail here. Once again, a big fat F. Sorry everyone – we just forgot to add in paid plans in 2015. Oh well, we’ll add that to the To Do list for 2016 shall we?



Anything Else?

We’ve maintained a beautiful J curve for growth – all without marketing. It seems that people who use teamstuff seem to like it, and tell their friends. That’s a good thing right?

We added in Duties ( things you need to do for your team ) as a first order, in your face item for all team members. Pretty much impossible to ignore. We got duty volunteering onto the mobile with a nice to use interface, and finally delivered duty xfer from player to player – all without involvement from the manager. Nice update.

Oh, we just redeveloped our clubs offering – clubs.teamstuff.com. And we’ve got a few features in development under the clubs banner – out early next year.

We had one outage for the year – less than 16 minutes. And in true 2015 fashion, our users notified us via twitter at about the same time as our alarms were going off.

Final Report Card – Users

OK, I’m going to be generous, and group together the areas we promised to you, our users. We delivered 4/5 of the initiatives we targeted, and delivered a few others on top of that. OK, let’s call that a B+. We aren’t satisfied yet with the platform, and we’ve got more  features to build, and more UX to improve. But the platform today is way better than at the start of the year. B+.

Final Report Card – Teamstuff

If we group together the initiatives for teamstuff – marketing and revenue. Oh gosh. Not great. I think that’s an F. Guess we know what summer school I’m going on then!

Some final thoughts

We’ve built a great team here in Melbourne, and we love what we do. Building software that makes a difference to thousands of users – it’s a total joy. Coming to work energised, going home happy – that’s a rare privilege. We’ve all got summer breaks coming up, and we’ll be coming back to work in 2016 pretty fired up. Massive year coming up.

Oh – and that little boy reading ‘The Bears Holiday’ or ‘Sniff-Snuff-Snap’ on my knee? A year later and he’s currently reading Harry Potter ; book 5 I think he’s on now.

All things change – and isn’t that wonderful?

Lastly from the Teamstuff family to yours – have a safe, healthy and wonderful end of year break.

See you in 2016.