Show me the MONEY !

Did you get that reference? I suspect I’m showing my age in this post – it’s  Jerry Maguire ( 1996? ) and that’s a pretty famous line. But equally – if you recognise it – then maybe you’re showing yours! 😉 Anyway, we finally kicked into production a feature that’s been on the board ever since we started.

Payments. Asking for them – getting paid, making the payment. I know; sweet!

This is a big one, since every team I’ve ever played in has cash in there somewhere – court fees, season fees, uniforms or transportation. Paying for the umpires or the insurance. There’s always something that needs to be paid, and it’s normally just another job for the team manager.

You know – the unsung hero wandering around the player and parent group – coughing politely – “Have you paid the registration fees yet? “, keeping records, reminding people – and very often – coming up short.

Since our mission in life is to find team management problems and solve them – we’ve nailed this one too. ( and how – there’s some interesting new user interfaces we’re rolling out. Hope you like them. We love them, please love them too! )

Asking For Payment

If you’re the team manager or coach, it’s never been easier to collect money for your team. Choose the team, and describe what it’s for. Tell your team when it’s due, and how much it’s for. We’ve made it super easy to add amount to your team. In the example below, I have added $25 to all the players.IMG_3692

And that’s taken me all of one click – on the Players button in blue under the $25. Most of the time, most people will owe the same amount – so we’ve made that super easy.

But of course we know that not all team payments are the same – so you can edit any person to any value you need. In fact, you could have a different amount on every team member if you need to. No problems, we’re here to support.

OK, once your numbers are good – hit save, and magic happens. We’ll send out notifications to your team members ( push / text or emails ); letting them know what they owe, what it’s for and when it’s due. So that’s the easy part. The hard part as always is getting paid.

Getting Paid – Part A ( cash )

So you’re standing on the sidelines, and a parent hands you $20.  You know they owe you more than that , but you’re going to take it right? Of course you are. So that’s no problems for us at all.  It’s super simple : all you do is;

  1. Hit the big green ‘receive a cash payment’ button.
  2. Record which player is making the payment
  3. And lastly – how much

Those steps look a little like below – where I’m recording receiving $20 for player Sam.


And of course you have a full audit trail of who’s paid, and what’s outstanding.

Getting Paid – Part B (online)

Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could get paid directly into our bank accounts? No cash to lose ( or spend! ) – and super convenient for all. Well teamstuff ( and our partners at ) have combined to make this happen. For the manager wanting online payments, you just connect your account ( free, easy to create and use – available pretty much everywhere we are. super secure).

So – your team members can now pay online, using the Teamstuff app on their iOS or Android devices with their credit card. First thing they’ll see in their app is the payments section calling out to them with a ‘new’ payment ready for them to pay.


Next – your team members will see all the details they need – what they owe, what it’s for and when its due. Together with a very large ‘make a payment’ button.

All together, the process looks like this. In the example below, I owe for multiple children so my total is $55. ( Two kids @ $25 each, and one – Sam from previous example I still owe $5. )


And that’s it. The full lifecycle of payments is now handled in teamstuff. You might find a few extra features in there too – say the ability to easily remind those yet to pay.

Payments done the Teamstuff way – totally handled. 100%. Or in the words of my thirteen year old – “Legit”. Which I believe means good/ true / authentic / the dog really did eat my homework.

Credit Cards, Money, Fraud and all that good stuff

We thought we might mention how this all works, because anything to do with money tends to attract a bit more attention that say, who’s on the scoring duty this weekend. ( in another life, we process billions of dollars worth of bills, so we understand how every cent counts )

It’s going to be necessary to go into a bit of technical detail here, so hope you’re sitting down, ready to absorb all the fine details.  Here are the key points, in order;

  1. Stripe does all the hard work.
  2. Next – Stripe does all the hard work.
  3. Finally – Stripe does all the hard work.

If you got to this paragraph – well done you! That’s an enormous amount of technical detail to absorb. But it’s no accident – we want them to do all the hard work, all the fraud detection, credit card processing, moving money between accounts. And that’s what they do, and do superbly.

Here at teamstuff, we want to focus on your team, so by using stripe we can leverage what they’re great at, and avoid the problems that often come with financial transactions. We store no credit card details ( ever ), and we do nothing with the monetary transfers. We simply ask the experts in the field to help us out – that is. And that’s what they do – for a small fee of course. You might notice that if you pay online, the team member making the payment will be charged a transaction fee. Part of that covers stripe’s fees, and part of that goes to us – to teamstuff. Finally – we have some form of revenue.

Because it’s not just a 20 year old movie that needs to ‘Show me the MONEY!’. Teamstuff itself has had a very patient investment group behind it. And whenever I talk about new teamstuff features ( my passion  ), I often find my investor group responding with ‘Show me the MONEY!’ 😉

We’ll try to keep the rest of teamstuff free for as long as we can. In the meantime, use the payments feature how you want to. Some will pay in cash and there’s no transaction fees at all. Some will pay online for convenience, and we’ll get a small cut.

Now, wonder what our next big feature should be…..

p.s. So it’s about 2 days since we’ve gone live, and we’ve got some outstanding feedback to date. Clearly our most well received feature – ever. But the pick of the bunch so far has to be this response from Josie, Baldwin City, KS.

No complaints on my end on the fees you are charging. Your app has been so valuable to our soccer club. We did some research before choosing to use it, and all other options were very expensive whereas your app was free. You guys definitely deserve some compensation at this point!

And this is the perfect way to go about getting it.

If parents don’t want to pay the fee, that’s fine, they can continue to mail me a check. If parents prefer convenience, they can choose to pay the fee and pay through the app. That way everybody is happy.

We have around 200 players and we don’t currently accept credit cards because of the fees. We don’t want to have to increase our dues to accommodate the people that want to pay by credit card. This way, we won’t have to do that. We can accept credit cards, and only those people who want to pay that way will absorb that cost.

Plus you get paid!
Plus I have less work to do!
Plus everyone knows their balance at all times!

Yay for everybody! 🙂