Text Messages are GO!

We ticked off another one of our ‘big ticket’ items the other day – adding support for text messaging into teamstuff. So that we’re clear, we’re talking about the ability for teamstuff to notify you via a text message straight to your phone. So when the coach cancels training – you get a text message – rather than a push notification or email.

There’s probably two key benefits to go for text messaging as your preferred communications style.

  1. Every mobile phone in the world can get a text message (!) ( as opposed to push notifications which are restricted to Android and iOS phones )
  2. Text messages are inherently ‘louder’ and harder to ignore than push – so they’re more easily noticed by your team members

There’s also one big downside for teamstuff – they cost us real money – per text message. So we’ve introduced text messages as a paid feature – in fact our first paid feature. So the idea is that if you the user ( not the team, not the club ) would prefer text messages, then you buy a ‘bundle’ of messages. We still think that there’s a place for push notifications and for emails – but if it’s your preference to get text messages, well we now support that too. No problems! Take a look into your Account Settings on the web.

Adding your Phone Number

Just jump online, and find your Account Settings. From here, you can choose to get Text Messages rather than Push Notifications. To do this, you’ll then need to register your mobile – and verify it’s yours. Like Google – we’ll send you a random code to your mobile to prove it’s you.

This is where you update your phone number, and choose Text as your preferred notification style

This is where you update your phone number, and choose Text as your preferred notification style

Now that you’ve registered yourself, you’ll need to buy a bundle of text messages. Now the cost of these varies by country – for me here in Australia they are relatively expensive. The effective price you pay varies too based on how many you buy, but to give an indication they vary from 2c to 3c per text in the US, and from 10 to 13c per text in Australia.

Just in case you’re interested – we are using stripe.com as the payments provider. Many reasons why ( including easy ability for us to integrate into ) , but one of the best reasons is security. Teamstuff never deals with credit cards – stripe does all that hard work. Once a transaction is successful – they’ll let us know and you get your bundle of text messages.

OK – after that – you might want to look at your Notification Settings. These let you personalise what you receive from us and how you receive it.

Allowing you lots of choice about when and how you might be notified.

Allowing you lots of choice about when and how you might be notified.

And the end result – the teamstuff central servers start talking to your phone directly using text messages.

Note : We support the US and Australia for text messages at the moment. More coming soon.

Why Can’t You Use Your Own Text Account?

Most all people with mobiles can send text messages – and very often it’s a lot cheaper than what we pay for. So we’re frequently asked whether we can integrate from your own account. And the very clear and simple answer is no – it’s not possible. The text messages we send come from the teamstuff servers ( for example, when sending a reminder text message for a duty ) – not from your phone – so we pay integration partners ( such as twilio amongst others). We have no ability to send a text message spontaneously from your phone, or your account.