Critical question – do I have time for….

Not sure what your Saturday morning looks like – but here’s what happens at my house. I get up around 7ish, bleary eyed and somewhat fuzzy brained. ( That’s pretty much any morning for me mind you – not a reference to a big night. I wish! ) My first coherent thought is usually something like “Crikey – must get a child to sport”, followed closely by the question “Do I have time to get coffee now? Or on the way? Or not at all.”

If the answer is “not at all”, then I’m in trouble for the day. No caffeine = bad parenting. I know, I should be bigger than that, but I’m not. Ask my wife! So honestly – the first critical question of a Saturday morning is all about me – do I get the 10 minutes I need to get a superb coffee, wake the brain up and be happy all day long for my kids? You might have your own critical question ; maybe it’s a cup of tea, or a sleep in – or time to walk the dog/go for a run/ finish your thesis. Either way, the answer is usually related to the logistics of your day – who needs to be where and when.

And of course that’s all in teamstuff. Phew! But going to the app to find that information – well that’s like soo 2014. What if there was a place just to summarise your ‘day at a glance’ – a standard place that people are already using? Well it turns out there is – introducing the ‘Today’ Widget for iOS. ( Android users – keep reading – we’re applying the same logic for you very soon! )

Here’s what it looks like;

Teamstuff's all new Today Widget.

Teamstuff’s all new Today Widget.

At a single swipe and single glance – I can see my day. I can see the first game is in 8 mins. The second one starts about the same time as the first one ends. So one parent certainly can’t do both. Plus I can see where the games are ; and since there’s about 16,500 kms between the two places – looks like today’s a pretty big logistics challenge. And finally the most critical component – there’s no time for coffee for me! It’s going to be a long day….  😦

Like it? Want to use it?

The Today Widget is a standard part of Apple’s iPhone. You get to it by single swiping from the top of the screen, and you can even do this whilst the iPhone is locked.It’s a really nice part of the iOS experience – once you start using it. OK, like most all things Apple – you have to opt in – tell the phone which things you want to see in your own personal Today screen. That’s pretty easy – here’s the 3 key steps.

In the first screen shown above – and it’s always at the bottom of the Today Widget – hit the grey Edit button. This will bring up a new view which lets you personalise your widget for you. Swipe to the bottom of this, and you’ll see all the Today Widgets that you have that you are not yet using. Somewhere in this list you’ll see the Teamstuff widget – just click on the green + icon next to it.


Click on the green + icon to tell your phone you want to use the Teamstuff Today Widget.

The last thing is simply to get the order right.


And re-order it to the top ( teamstuff is WAY more important than Dropbox right? What do they do anyway? 😉 ) using the slider on the right.

You do that by sliding the control on the right up and down depending on where you want the Teamstuff widget to be displayed. Hint : you want it right at the top of course! 😉

We hope you enjoy using this as much as we enjoyed making it. In some ways its a small thing – we’re making your life just that tiny bit easier. But in some ways it’s a big thing ; we have a relentless focus on using technology and information to make your life easier – and this is just one small example of that focus. Enjoy!

p.s. Android users – there’s a similar widget coming out in the very, very near future for you. Same concept, same information, same ease of use.