2015: A Year of Change

It’s a bitter sweet time in my house at the moment. For the last 12 years there’s been the pre bedtime  ritual of reading  to one or more of my children. I don’t know how many times I’ve read ‘The Bears Holiday’ , ‘Cat in the Hat’ or ‘Sniff-Snuff-Snap‘. Enough to know all the words; enough to know when my kids will squeal with fright/delight as I pretend to be the ‘one bossy warthog’ from that story.

Enough to know that one day this will end – and now my youngest is reading all on his own. Of course we’re super happy that he’s got there, but I know one day soon will be my last reading.

All things change.

And so it is with teamstuff this year. But there’s nothing bitter sweet about 2015 for teamstuff. Rather we are embracing a massive and deliberate year of innovation and change.  And it’s always a powerful notion to throw away your base assumptions – or at least review them in the light of the world today, as opposed to the world a few years ago. So we thought you might like to get a bit of an idea about what’s happening in this big, big year for teamstuff.

Mobile Platform – More Change

Our most consistent piece of feedback is ‘please allow game edit on mobile as well as on web’. And so you’re going to see this change rolling out across Android and iOS phones in the very short future. ( Android already has it – iOS in final testing phases )

And that’s just the start. Keep your eyes peeled for new releases for the mobile apps as we get the mobile platform in line with the capabilities of the web application. And that’s a pretty big change in approach for teamstuff, and one that’s based on what you, our users tell us.

Text Messaging – Way of the Future

OK – this one’s a big change for us. We tipped that text messaging would be dying a natural death as push notifications took over. In the real world – not so much. There’s still plenty of demand to receive text messages, so this year you will see teamstuff getting into texting in a big way. Of course, text messages cost us real money, so we’ll need to add some controls and the appropriate revenue model.

A More Beautiful User Experience

Lots of people tell us that our applications are far nicer and way easier to use than our competitors. Which is both nice and also true [ 😉 ]. But that doesn’t mean we’re satisfied. Far from it – we take the unusual approach of making the best feature that we possibly can, releasing it with pride. Then we take every opportunity to criticise, to wonder why we didn’t make it better – to actively find ways to improve that implementation.  Look for some big changes to the user experience, in part to allow for new features such as…

Files and Photos

This one’s been on the roadmap since Day 1. And we’ll be working our way through it over the next few months. To be fair – adding support for a PDF here or there isn’t so hard. Making the process easy for the whole team – that’s a bit more interesting. So that’s what’s taking the time here – making sure we’ve thought of the end to end process, preferably before we start building it!


Sports teams cost money – and simplifying the payments channels within the team is another feature long on the roadmap. Look for some big changes over the year, with both manual and web based payments coming to a teamstuff near you.


Teamstuff has unparalleled support for all the languages you could possibly want. We’ve already got Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian amongst others on board.  Watch us make use of that this year.


Another significant change for teamstuff this year – we thought that we might try cracking this marketing nut. Apparently it’s a great idea for more people to know about teamstuff – and if they do – they might like the platform. And then use it – and then tell their friends. Yes, they’ll be studying teamstuff in future MBA courses around the world. Possibly in a “do not go to market like this” kinda way. Either way – we’re embracing the need to get our message out in 2015.


That’s a massive set of changes we’ve outlined for 2015. At the end of those changes, our platform should be better than every other platform out there. Our goal is to be the best team app going round; our goal is that you’ll be able to organise your team in a snap. Some of our competitors will be charging over $100 / team a year ; for the same stuff, just delivered badly. Our marketing activities might mean more people know about us. Which is terrific – but it all costs money. We’ve always said there was a business in here somewhere, that balancing value between our users and ourselves is fine. So somewhere this year – you’ll see teamstuff introducing some paid plans to help support our work. And we’ll find out if there really is a business here somewhere!

And that’s 2015 in a nutshell for us. A year of embracing significant change ; a year of excitement. We’re going to really push ourselves, our assumptions and our platform over the next year.

All things change – bring it on!