One small step for teamstuff…

…one giant leap for team managers everywhere.

So with apologies to Neil Armstrong, let me introduce a feature that’s been on our wish list for a long, long time. And just like that famous last ‘small’ step – it’s the result of lots of work over a very long time. Let’s get down to details.

Question: How many tasks are needed on your team over the course of a season?

If the answer is ‘lots’ – then this is the feature you need. And let’s put this into context. My child’s footy team here in Melbourne has up to 11 different duties ( slightly more duties at home  ), and about 16 games in a season. All up – that’s about 160 different duties over the course of the season. And it’s the team manager’s job to allocate those duties to the player’s families. It’s the team manager’s job to communicate that to those families, and remind them. Because it’s the team manager’s job to find fill ins when people “forget”.

So teamstuff has long understood duties for a game, and has allowed them to be allocated to the families. And teamstuff would automatically remind families of the duty – by email, notification – or just anytime they looked at the game. But there was a big hurdle – assigning the duties in the first place. Very manual – game by game, duty by duty.


So the big feature we’ve now added is the ‘one magic button’ that does all that work for you. Yep – with about 2 minutes work, you can evenly distribute the duties across all games, across all players.

So you can see why we’re so excited about this one – it will save literally hours of your life!

There’s two parts to it ; creating a template of duties that you need at your games – then pressing the magic button. And that’s it. 160 duties, spread across 25 players. Two minutes of your time.

Minute 1 : Duty Templates

OK, login to teamstuff, head to your team. Look under the Duties section and you’ll see a couple of options. The Duty Template is the place you want to start. Here’s where you can tell teamstuff what Duties are needed , and for which games.

duty_templateHere’s an example where I’ve added 7 different duties, with two Duties ( Canteen , Ground Manager ) only needed on Home games.

Minute 2 : Allocation to the Team ( the fun part )

OK – now flick over to the ‘By Game’ tab under duties.  With the template in place, you might see something like the following ( a big list of games, together with empty slots for duties ).


There is a very large green button at the top – with the words ” Let Teamstuff Assign the Duties‘. Clicking on this gives you a similar view with some control options. It looks like this:


You might notice that by default – we think that the Coaches and Managers on the team are already doing enough work. You probably don’t want to distribute more work to them. ( but you can, if that’s the way your team works. )

So hit the 2nd big green button – and away we go. At this point we perform some small miracles, and we’ll allocate the duties across the entire playing list. And we do it with a small amount of intelligence too. Here’s some scenarios that we can handle;

1. We don’t override allocations ; so if someone has already volunteered to be the season’s Goal Umpire – then we don’t overrule.

2. We try to allocate ‘about the same’ number to each player’s family. A family with twins would get twice as many duties. And we count this across the whole season.

3. We try to allocate as few duties to each player’s family as we can on any one game. Most of the time – the players gets only one duty per game.

4. We won’t allocate games to people who have indicated that they are away. That’s not helping anyone!

So press the button – and you end up with something like the following:


You can see immediately who’s on what duty – and how many duties the player has for the season.

If you feel like it – you can ask us to ‘try another combination’ – and we’ll try to do the same job and get a different result. Or more like it – just hit the save button at the bottom.

And wham – you’ve just allocated 160 duties across your team, in under 2 minutes. And one of the best bits – you ( the team manager ) can tell your parents that it wasn’t you who assigned them to the duty they least like. 😉 It was teamstuff, right?

We hope you love this feature – and hope you can see why we think it’s such a giant leap forward for us.

Enjoy. Coach