Can you make a great teamstuff video?

So, the other night I was up late wondering how to make teamstuff related videos. But not just any video – I want to make great teamstuff videos. I keep thinking they could be quite useful. And so what was keeping me up so late you ask? Was it a lack of skills? Lack of vision or just my general lack of experience? Yep, let’s go with all three.

But it struck me that we’ve got plenty of very talented users out there – and so the idea was born ; how about asking the teamstuff community? So today we’re throwing down the challenge – “Can you make a great teamstuff video?”

Here’s some more details :

Prizemoney : Of course! There’ll be one first prize of $500 AUD for the ‘best’ great teamstuff video ; that money can go to you, your team or club. And we’ll spot up for some encouragement awards of $250 AUD for ‘great but not quite first’ prizes.

Best: We’re reserving some judgement here – just make it great ok? Maybe your video is instructional – showing how to use the key features in teamstuff that make your life easier. Maybe you want to make a promotional video for teamstuff. Maybe yours is an action thriller where the hero needs teamstuff to save the day. [ and now you see why I shouldn’t be involved right? ]. Maybe it’s just the kids saying what they like about sport – brought to you by their parents – brought to their games by teamstuff. We don’t know either, but make it teamstuff related, and make it interesting and you are very much in the running.

Production Quality: This is not the Academy Awards ok? If you can shoot movies and edit them ( so that’s nearly anyone with a smart phone and access to PC/ Mac /iPad these days ) then you’ve got the production quality covered. Nice!

Language: Your native language is fine! We’d expect to have plenty of English entries – but equally if your mother tongue happens to be Spanish or German ( cough, hint, hint ) then that just might set you apart. 😉

How To Enter: Add your video to youtube, have it searchable via teamstuff. And then let us know it’s yours by emailing us at

End Date: March 31, 2015

Good luck – and get shooting!