Dear Blackberry Users….

I was wrong.

There, I’ve said it. Don’t make me go on, it’s hard enough as it is. But I’m feeling like 2015 is going to be a year of change. So let me start the year by growing up a little – and losing a technology prejudice or two.

Over the last two years, I’ve made a few remarks about Blackberries. And about how we’re not going to support them. It turns out we can support them now, and we are supporting them. So it’s a pretty fantastic day for Blackberry teamstuff users – all the goodies of the Android teamstuff app are now coming to a super-encrypted handset near you!

The change that’s enabled this is really a combination of Blackberry and Amazon – and it works like this. Amazon has an Android app store, and Blackberry has very cleverly enabled Android support for it’s newer models. They’ve done this by adding an Android emulation package to the Blackberry – so in theory any Android app now works on Blackberry.

In all sincerity – this a a breakthrough for Blackberry – since their native development process was going nowhere. ( and was the real reason why we couldn’t support them ). Blackberry users now have access to every Android app written – they just need to be placed into the Amazon app store ( as opposed to Google’s version ).

So as of today, as of now – you’ll find teamstuff inside the Amazon app store; and we welcome our Blackberry brothers and sisters to teamstuff app land. Welcome aboard!

One Slight Caution

Emulation software is always difficult, particularly in the early days. Our Android application thinks it’s running on an Android device – which it isn’t. A software ‘lookalike’ – the emulation software – makes the Blackberry hardware look like Android hardware. And hopefully, it all works fine. Occasionally things won’t work out perfectly – and it’s the emulation software that’s the root problem, not the application. Teamstuff can’t do much about that ; and we can’t test for Blackberry perfection. But we will test for Android on Android perfection, and we will keep the Amazon app store up to date with our latest and greatest releases.

Last comment – congratulations to Blackberry – it’s a courageous move absorbing a whole different OS – but we think it’s both smart and necessary. Best of luck!