Just another lazy 4 features or so…

So after we finished celebrating our little award a couple of weeks ago, we got back to the software. What’s the next set of stuff we should deliver? So here’s the next set of useful features we thought you should know about…

Transferring a Player ( or sharing )

We’re really concerned about privacy, so we’ve maintained a fairly strict approach to how players join teams. And in the past there’s only been one way into a team – the player accepts the invitation  ; either inside the app or via an email. But in the real world, there’s plenty of times when coaches and managers need the ability to swap players between teams. The obvious example might be an ‘A’ team and a ‘B’ team. If you have an outstanding game in the B’s – you might be promoted. Eventually we realised that there are no real privacy issues here – since the teams are within the same club, or run by the same coach/manager.

So now we’ve added support for that real world transfer of players – between teams that share a club/manager/coach.

share_xferSo just to the left of the Players – there’s a new icon to request a transfer. Hit this and you get some options like the following;


In this one above, I’m transferring Adam from my team to the Mighty Mice A team ; and sending a notification directly to Adam’s phone. When I save this transfer, then the following happens;

1. Adam gets taken out of the Mighty Mice U8 team

2. And transferred into the Mighty Mice A team, and

3. Adam will get a push message on the phone that looks like the following;


Note: Sharing a Player is the same process – teamstuff just leaves the player in the original team. This is a great way to introduce an emergency or spare player from one team to another to make-up the numbers.

Profile Pictures are now Mobile

You can now tap on your profile picture in the iPhone smart app – and use your phone’s camera to take a profile picture of your kids. Easy, easy, easy!


Family Schedule Page ( hello grandparents! )

We’ve got a new option now – the publicly accessible Family Schedules page. It’s turned off by default, and when you turn it on we publish a simple list of your games for you and all your kids. You can scroll forward or back to see each week of games, and we include only the minimum set of information for your extended family – time, place and kid names. Because your grandparents might have favourites too!


So; some things to note. If you look above, you’ll see the link to the URL is really hard to remember. This is very deliberate – we want you to share this with your extended family and friends, but beyond that, we want to protect your privacy. So that very ugly set of characters is in fact 32 characters of super randomly generated bytes. That make it pretty hard to find or to guess. Because it means that there are exactly 1 in 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 chances that someone will guess your Family Schedule Page.

I don’t even know how to pronounce that number ; I do know I’m happy with those odds. My family is on it ; reckon you’re safe to do the same. Remember it is optional – turn it on under your Account Settings.


Ding-a-ling Reminders Got Louder….

If you have some parents or players who need reminding each week to set their attendance – we just made that process a little louder. We now send emails and push notifications when coaches/managers hit the ‘remind’ button. This is a great one for coaches and managers – use responsibly. Or not! 😉

+ 2 more things

OK, we did this before the awards. Rostering players on/off is now beautifully handled within the application. This is for those cases when you might have too many players for a particular game; so some shouldn’t even play.

And we also added coach/manager override on attendances. Because sometimes parents/players don’t always do what they said they would!