Players, Teams – and now Clubs

It’s been a little while since my last update – no real reason, other than I’m just a little lazy. Cough.

But luckily my teamstuff team isn’t quite as lazy as me, so we’re powering through some changes in teamstuff land. In particular, over the last few month or so we’ve launched a powerful new companion service –

So perhaps now is a good time to mention why. We love listening to real coaches, managers, parents and players – hearing the things they love about teamstuff – even the things they don’t. And in our travels, we’ve talked to quite a few club people – the volunteers that run the sports clubs you are a member of. And to a woman ( no sexism here in teamstuffland! ); they’ve told us in summary ; “Teamstuff is great for my teams, but what does it do for my club? “. And that was a fair question, since it does pretty much zip for  a club. After all teamstuff is directly aimed at the stuff needed for a team.

(insert thinking muzak here)



And eventually we realised we could do something for the clubs. The information and features we have inside teamstuff is really all about communication ; so could we also re-use those communications to help an entire club. And of course, the answer was yes. We’re really keen not to re-invent the wheel ( eg no real desire to re-invent a photo sharing site as an example ), but if we can use the tools and information we have to help a whole club run – then that’s a great idea.

So here’s how we help clubs out;

1. Magic email addresses for the entire club ; we now have a single email address that you send to – and magic happens. Your email goes out to the entire club, using their up to date email addresses – and copies to their additional email addresses too. No more maintenance nightmares keeping distribution lists!

2. Whole of club games fixture and scores. One page on the web, with the ‘public’ details of games to play, where they are and results. This is a great way to keep track of your mate’s teams – are they playing before your game and whereabouts. You never know – you might just stay a little longer to support them.

3. Advertising. This is an interesting one. Here at teamstuff land – we don’t like ads and we have no plans to add ads into teamstuff to pay for the service. But the clubs we’ve spoken too all talk about the pains of fundraising to help them out, not teamstuff, but the club themselves. So we worked through our internal objections. If advertising was controlled by your club, and was seen only by your club members – well we don’t think anyone has an issue with that. No-one minds supporting your local club – and we all know this is one of the ways we should do it. So we’re building in advertising support right now into teamstuff4clubs. Remember, this will be 100% under the control of your club – from which sponsors and where you see the ads – right through to the revenue – we get nothing. Nothing but the warm feeling knowing we’ve helped clubs out – and they in turn help our kids out.

And coming up – we’ll add in instant communications. Maybe even live scores. And then the stuff that real clubs, with real people – tell us they actually need!

In the meantime, there’s some other stuff that’s been going on too;

1. Redesigned the email reminders to be easier to read

2. Watched Andy Murray towel up the competition at Wimbledon.

3. Added the ‘accept by clicking’ in the emails directly.

4. Watched the Australian cricket team get smashed by the English. For American’s reading this ; it’s the equivalent of losing a baseball game to the Russians. A hockey game to the cheeky Canadians.

5. Watched my mighty local footy team dominate nearly everyone. But I ask – is ‘nearly everyone’ good enough? Hmmmm….I don’t think so.

Anyway – there’s enough for today!