Because practice makes perfect….

…so now you can schedule training right from within Teamstuff!

Now most people’s training will be same place/same time each week; no dramas at all. We’ve got that covered. But plenty of other teams tell us their training is a little less regular – so just like games, you can add individual or one/offs. Easy peasy; and each training session has who’s coming and who’s not; as well as support for duties – just who really is bringing the oranges!.training

So for managers and coaches – you’ll see something like this little button on the right ; same place you’ll find add games.

training calendar

And for players and parents – you’ll see the new training schedules show up on your calendar. A lot like the following calendar – where you’ll see my training sessions set for a Tuesday.

Triangle = training right! So in the schedule shown here – I have 3 scheduled trainings, and games on Thursday 28 ( which I’m going to ), game on 7th which I’m not, and a bye on the 14th.

Enjoy your time on the practice court/field/rink wherever!

Oh – one last note ; we’re still working on the mobile versions to integrate the training schedules. Give us a couple of weeks! 😉