Emails, more emails (and Blackberry users….)

Do you love emails? Are you a little like me – with 16,980 emails sitting in your inbox. Oh, sorry got that wrong. That’s 16,980 unread emails in my inbox. ( seriously ) Anyhoo, moving on – email’s great, and we’re adding some additional features for email.

Email Feature 1 – Multiple Email Addresses for you.

Teamstuff calls this the ‘Sue B’ feature; and you’ll never guess why. Yep – it’s because someone called Sue asked for it! Coach gets pretty crazy on Fridays!  So we’ve added the ability for you to create additional email addresses under your account settings. Teamstuff will send emails to your main login email address – and now also to each of the additional emails you nominate. And since this is done at the ‘you’ level – do it once and emails from any and all your teams/kids and their teams will get sent to all the emails you’ve given us. Nice.


Email Feature 2 – Game Reminders

Teamstuff’s got plenty of ways to let you know when/where your game is. You can do it on the web, on your smart phone – and now – via email. Again – it’s a setting on your personal account – tell teamstuff you want email reminders, and tell us when you want them. 2 days before the game? No problem. 30 minutes before the game? No worries. Tick . Done. And what do you get ? As you’d expect- a beautifully presented email with all the game details; where, when, who’s playing; and who’s on – duties.

Settings for Reminders

It’s nice too; but nowhere near as cool as the next feature….

Email Feature 3 – OMGosh – Reply Yes or No to Game Reminders

You can now tell teamstuff whether you’re attending a game directly from your email. So this is a cool feature for the Blackberry users out there. You know, because you don’t have a smart phone. With apps. So when you get an email game reminder, just hit reply; tell us yes ( for coming ) and no ( for not coming ). We did a little bit of tech magic in teamstuff land, and we can use your email replies to set your attendances. In a snap. So with a couple of clicks on your account settings; suddenly you’ve setup a super simple, and super easy way of knowing where you’re supposed to be; and telling your coach whether you’ll be there. All without remembering your password, or changing your phone. Sweet! Oh – and this one’s for Jacqui. See – we do listen to our users! 🙂

Enjoy the new release!