It’s our duty to tell you….about Duties!

We’ve just released a new and exciting feature for all our teamstuff users; Duties. “Woo too!” I hear you say ; because as it turns out duties are the boring stuff that we all have to do from time to time. Like bringing the oranges, or the drinks – or doing the score sheet, or being the ‘umpire escort’. So yeah, you’re right – duties isn’t super exciting. But it is one of the necessary components of the sport you love – and now we’re supporting it just the way you need.

On the web – managers and coaches can now add as many different duties as you need, and assign the players or their parents  to those duties. Duties come under the details of an individual game of course – so look for the ‘person with clipboard’ icon ( the one on the right as below )


And of course you’ll need that information when you’re out and about; so it’s all available mobile too. Enjoy!