Hello World.

Hello World – Teamstuff here.

My name’s Coach, and welcome to teamstuff.com ; what is hopefully a bloody great platform for managing team sports. teamstuff.com brings together three of the great and enduring joys of my life – sport, programming and family (possibly not in that order! ). I’ve been playing competitive sport since the early 80’s; I’ve been programming since the mid 80’s (  on an Apple IIe if you must know ) , and I’m now a father of four kids that play competitive sport. Stick all that in a bowl and mix it ; you get teamstuff.com.

Since you’re reading this, I reckon you know the drill. It’s Friday night, and already you’re wondering just what the weekend might hold. For me – it’s two Friday night basketball games for my kids ( I’m coach of one two of those teams – you know – the kids I love the most 🙂 ). One Saturday basketball game – coach once more. On Sunday I rock up to two football matches – aussie rules since you’re wondering. Oh – and I’ve only got three of my four playing sport so far. My weekends are only going to get busier!

“Where/when/what time/who’s in/who’s out/what stuff must I bring” is a constant refrain in my relatively undersized brain over the weekend. I dream in google maps, constantly routing between basketball stadiums and footy ovals. Did I bring the oranges? Or am I boundary umpire? Did we need to think about number 14 on the opposition, or number 41? Who are we playing again?

You know the drill.

If you’re a parent…

…then teamstuff.com is going to save you. One place to see your entire weekend – for your whole family. All your kids team schedules, laid out in front of you. The information you need where and when you need it – web, iOS and Android. [1] Easy and simple communications between you and your teams – no more chasing emails. Alerts to tell you where you need to be, and what you need to do.

If you’re a Manager/Coach of a team…

…then teamstuff.com is going to save you. You’re a volunteer right ? How much time are you currently spending in email hell? How many players are definitely coming? Do you have enough/too many/ not really sure? Are they the right combination of players – or will you be too tall/too short/just right? teamstuff.com has the features you need to concentrate on what you love – the sport and the players. Instant views of how many are coming; instant reminders for those that haven’t responded yet. Easy team setup, easy filtering, support for team communications.

If you’re a player on a team…

…then teamstuff.com is going to save you too. Ever turned up late? To the wrong spot? Yep, us too. Not going to happen anymore –  teamstuff.com gives you the information you need where and when you need it. On your iOS or Android phone. No more annoying e-mails from your coaches and managers ; just one spot they manage for you. And all you have to do is turn up and play. Happy days.

So today is a big day…

What a day to launch teamstuff.com – November 6th, 2012. Here in our home city of Melbourne – it’s also Melbourne Cup Day. Big race. Famous race. Old race -150 years. So big; we have a public holiday. Yep – Melbourne is mad about sport, and we’re mad about software and sport. So our launch date really couldn’t be any other date.

Oh and just quietly – we’re here for the long term. Wonder what we’ll look like in 150 years….



[1] . If you’re wondering about Blackberry support. Then stop wondering. And buy yourself an actual smart phone. Sometimes Coach needs to say the thing that’s true. Even if it hurts.

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